One of Amazon's bestsellers, SOUNDPEATS launches a new product with features that its rivals don't have. It's rare to see wireless earbuds adopting dual drivers and based on SOUNDPEATS' past reputation, the market seems to have a positive response.
SOUNDPEATS, a rising brand of high-fidelity wireless audio devices as well as an Amazon bestseller in the headphone category, announces the launch of Truengine2 - The Most Advanced HiFi Dual-Driver Wireless Earbuds. Powered by a patented dual-driver design and a built-in audio crossover, the Truengine2 Wireless Earbuds deliver an incredible listening experience for music, gaming, and sports. SOUNDPEATS is available on Kickstarter at 9 a.m., EDT, Sept. 3:
Wireless earbuds have proliferated in the mobile digital era and added convenience to active lifestyles. However, one of the challenges in creating small form factor earbuds is maintaining sound quality. Most common earbuds contain only a single audio driver and very basic sound components. Now, with Truengine2 from SOUNDPEATS, audiophiles can finally enjoy a high-fidelity sound for mobile wireless.
Truengine2 makes this possible by using dual drivers in their earbuds for acoustically optimized sound at all frequencies with powerful bass, accurate mids, and crystal clear highs. The resulting HiFi sound is improved further with a built-in Truengine CrossoverTM, for perfectly balanced audio separation, creating a wider sound field for a totally immersive audio experience.
"There are many wireless earbuds on the market today, but most lack the sound quality that true music lovers insist on. Our goal is to combine the convenience of wireless with an elevated listening experience. By utilizing a dual-driver system along with a built-in crossover, we have achieved the ultimate true wireless sound," - Team, SOUNDPEATS.
In addition to the incredible sound experience, Truengine2 makes phone calls crystal clear with an effective CVC noise-canceling algorithm that eliminates interference from unwanted outside noise. This feature means that volume levels can be lower and safer for listening.
For longer listening sessions, Truengine2 uses a clever charging case that acts as an auxiliary power source. Combined with the latest efficient rechargeable onboard batteries, Truengine2 earbuds provide over 30 hours of continuous playing time.
Made with active lifestyles in mind, Truengine2 features a patented ergonomic EarfinTM design for a secure fit for sports, exercise and daily use. They use the super-stable Bluetooth 5.0 wireless protocol along with IPX5 sweat and waterproof performance. The earbuds are the perfect companion for sports lovers and busy, on-the-go people.
The Truengine2 Advanced Dual-Driver Earbuds set a new standard for wireless sound and elevate the listening experience for music, games, and audio. Launch Day Special Discounts and deals up to 50% OFF for the early adopters and music enthusiasts at and
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