May 07,2020


SoundPEATS Truegine2: One of The Best Wireless Trubuds

Truegine2 which is from SoundPEATS makes listening to music and sports much easier and freer. Patented designed dual dynamic drivers deliver enhanced Hi-Fi audio.

True wireless earbuds began appearing in 2014. It wasn't until 2016, when apple's AirPods were released, that Wireless earbuds began to get more attention. Technically speaking, it refers to the mobile phone through the connection of the main earbuds, and then the main earbuds through wireless Bluetooth connection to the secondary earbuds, to achieve the separation of left and right sound channel. TWS headphones are different in operability and practicality owing to using Bluetooth connection.
Briefly, the left and right earbuds of the TWS earbuds work independently without a cable connection, so more and more phones are starting to eliminate the 3.5mm headphone jack. The advantage is that using a true wireless structure completely eliminates the worry of wire entanglements.
Truegine2 which is from SoundPEATS makes listening to music and sports much easier and freer. Patented designed dual dynamic drivers deliver enhanced Hi-Fi audio.

Truegine2 has the look level of a stylish personality. The earbuds are equipped with 5.0 chip of QCC3020, with low power consumption, which has no loss of left and right earbuds information, and the earbuds can be switched between left and right ears, bringing more stable connection and lower delay when listening to music and calling
Using beryllium-plated high-frequency horn and composite diaphragm low-frequency horn, with frequency divider, can provide rich details and distinct layers, restoring theater-level sound.

longer battery life
Truegine2 offers a longer battery life, 6 hours of headphone usage, and charging 5 times from the charging case. It contains a total of 30 hours of battery life.
The earphones also support dual-channel high - definition calls, built-in noise reduction special microphone. The use of double MIC to eliminate environmental noise, in the noisy crowd can also be clear.
Smart touch
Smart touch makes the operation more convenient. Truegine2 supports non-touch control. One-button operation of the left and right ears farewells to the pressure of the button. At the same time, there is a feedback touch, which is more humanized.
Without any operation, the earbuds can be automatically paired with the open cover. After the first Bluetooth connection, the open cover can be connected immediately. Put in the charging box automatically disconnect to start charging.
Truegine2 delivers a comfortable, unstressed wear experience through superior ergonomic design.

My experience
If you want to find Bluetooth earbuds with good endurance and sound quality, I would recommend SoundPEATS Truegine2 wireless Bluetooth earbuds. And the price is relatively moderate.
These Bluetooth earbuds are exquisite. It's very comfortable to use. First of all, I have used several kinds of in-ear earphones before, which makes me not feel comfortable. But the SoundPEATS Truegine2 is well done, which is most comfortable to wear and firm in the ears.
In terms of endurance, SoundPEATS Truegine2 is used quite frequently. I've tried using it the whole day, listening to music for three hours and answering 20 or so phone calls. At the end of the day, I still have half of the battery, which is equivalent to carrying a charger with me.
In terms of sound quality, this SoundPEATS Truegine2 is quite different from the Bluetooth earphone which can only listen to a "ring". It has been tuned by a professional tuner to achieve hi-fi quality. The sound quality is still good in the Bluetooth earbuds.
During my frequent use of the SoundPEATS Truegine2, the sound from the left and right ears didn't sync once. Because of the use of a wireless Bluetooth connection, the left and right ears tend to be disconnected or sound jammed, as I've seen in previous earphones. But what pleased me most was that this SoundPEATS Truegine2 never happened that situation.
Therefore that's all about the SoundPEATS Truegine2, have you flipped?
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