May 07,2020


The Best TWS Bluetooth Earbuds: SoudPEATS Truengie 2

True wireless Bluetooth earbuds completely eliminate wire connections on the outside, and the mod can work on its own. TWS can achieve one ear or double ears to wear. Turengine2, which is from SoudPEATS, is the better product of TWS earbuds.

Outside of traditional earbuds, the most popular earbuds on the market are TWS earbuds. What are TWS earbuds? What are the advantages and disadvantages of TWS earbuds? What are the main brands of TWS earbuds? I will answer the relevant questions from the aspects of appearance, price, technology, and brand.

By definition, TWS stands for "TrueWirelessStereo." Intuitively, the TWS earbuds are no traditional physical wire.

TWS Bluetooth earbuds do not need a wired connection, the left, and right earbuds through Bluetooth to form a stereo system, listening to music, talking, wearing have been improved.

True wireless Bluetooth earbuds completely eliminate wire connections on the outside, and the mod can work on its own. TWS can achieve one ear or double ears to wear. Turengine2, which is from SoudPEATS, is the better product of TWS earbuds.


The TWS Bluetooth earbuds need not the connection of wire, and it is simply double earbuds connected. TWS earbuds have no problem with wire headphone tangles; Of course, some people also worry that the wireless earbuds are easy to drop, at present, the wireless earbuds are still in line with the human ear engineering, generally not easy to drop. The appearance of the TWS earbuds benefits from the wireless features, so it can achieve great convenience.

The Price of the Earbuds

A lot of people focus on the price factor. Due to the technology, cost, brand, and other reasons, the price of TWS earbuds is not affordable. The AirPods are expensive, but the SoundPEATS range of Bluetooth earbuds is cost-effective. It's a brand worth purchasing.

TWS Earbuds Technology:

TWS earbuds have no wires to connect the left and right units, so their batteries and control circuits must also be built into the earbuds chamber, which is getting bigger and richer.

Many TWS earbuds incorporate relatively "tech" features such as voice assistants, gesture controls, and active noise reduction.

TWS Earbuds Brands

What are the brands of TWS earbuds: AirPods are popular products. AirPods are not only the representative of early TWS earbuds but also one of the best TWS earbuds to purchase. The price of SoundPEATS earbuds is a cost-effective product.

Due to the lack of physical connection between the TWS earbuds' left and right units, Bluetooth earbuds are generally not charged through the micro USB port. To solve this problem, almost all TWS earbuds come with a portable case that can be both charged and stored, and some cases have an integrated portable power source inside. When there is no power, just put the earbuds into the box, automatically disconnect and start charging, very convenient and comfortable.

It should also be explained that TWS earbuds are small in size and limited in the internal circuit scale. In terms of actual noise reduction effect and voice recognition rate, the same generation of TWS earbuds are definitely inferior to traditional Bluetooth earbuds and wired earbuds.


TWS earbuds are a great product. It broke the limitations of wired headphones and became a popular product. Whether you're running or working, you can enjoy the ultimate music experience. It is a necessity for you to enjoy life.

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